主日: 我们需要圣灵 We need the Holy Spirit
主题: 我们需要圣灵
Title:  We need the Holy Spirit

        Children of God cannot do without

a)圣灵为真理松土。创世纪 Gen 1:1-3 , 约翰福音 John 14:16-17
        Prepare the ground for God’s Word.

b)使人知罪和认罪。约翰福音 John 16:8  , 罗马书 Rom 8:14-17
        Convicts and leads people to repentance.

c)使人生命得改变。加拉太书 Gal 5: 22-23
        Transforms Iives

2)服事者所不能缺。使徒行传 Act 6:3
        Those who serve cannot do without.

a)因需要圣灵能力。使徒行传 Act 1:8
        Need the power of the Holy Spirit

b)因需要圣灵恩赐。使徒行传 Act 2: 17-18 , 哥林多前书 1 Cor 12:4-11
        Need the gifts of the Holy Spirit

c)因需要荣耀耶稣。约翰福音 John 16:14
        Need to glorify Jesus

能力 Power 原文 Original Meaning
权力 Authority , 威力 Impact , 爆炸力 Explosive, 活力 Lively, Full Of life

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