主日: 翻转的生命 Transformed Lives
Title: Transformed Lives
20151213 GtLim

1) 全心翻轉跟隨主
Whole-heartedly transformed and followed the Lord

A) 撇下所有跟從主。路加福音 Luke 5:4-11
Left everything and follow

B) 脫離財富的綑綁。路加福音Luke 19:5-8
Freed from bondage of wealth

C) 願獻上一生幸福。路加福音Luke 7:36-47
Willing to offer up lifelong happiness.

2) 為何會如此翻轉。
Why such drastic transformation

A) 知道自己罪多深。
Knew how deep own sins were

B) 才會感恩和認真。
Therefore grateful and serious

C) 我們卻剛好相反。
However we are the opposite

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