開始來教會到現在,這首歌曲陪伴我走過 ‘喜怒哀樂’…
當來到耶穌的面前, 再看看我們的困難,埋怨,傷害,痛苦,種種心裡上的掙扎,
OhLord Only You who know my heart ~ Create in me a clean heart

上帝啊!求你為我造清潔的心 Create in me a clean heart
詞 Lyric: 詩篇 Psalm 51:10-12
曲 Music: Keith Green
唱 Sing: RamboChai 蔡良保

歌詞 Lyric:

上帝啊, 求你為我造清潔的心,
Shang Di A, Qiu Ni Wei Wo Zao Qing Jie De Xin
Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord

Shi Wo Li Mian Cong Xin You Zheng Zhi De Ling
and restore a right spirit within me

不要丟棄我, 使我離開你的面;
Bu Yao Diu Qi Wo, Shi Wo Li Kai Ni De Mian;
cast me not away from thy presence, oh Lord

Bu Yao Cong Wo Shou Hui Ni De Sheng Ling
and take not thy Holy Spirit from me

Qiu Ni Shi Wo Reng De Jiu En Zhi Le,
restore unto me, the joy of thy salvation,

Ci Wo Le Yi De Ling Fu Chi Wo.
and renew a right spirit within me
開始來教會到現在,這首歌曲陪伴我走過 ‘喜怒哀樂’… 來到主前, 我們真的什麼都不是,只有耶穌。幫助我們心存謙卑,讓耶穌的愛憐憫充滿我們的心~

OhLord Only You who know my heart ~ Create in me a clean heart

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