Title: True and false repentance
20160103 – Sunday

1) 神厌恶的假悔改。撒母耳記上 1Sam 13:7-14
The false repentance God hates
A) 表面上不像大罪。撒母耳記上 1Sam 13:9 , 15:7-9
Did not appear to be serious

B) 总找理由或藉口。撒母耳記上 1Sam 13:11-12, 15:13-15,20-21,24
Always looking for reason or excuse

C) 不觉得自己有错。
Did not think there was any wrong

D) 最终被厌弃耶代。15:26
Rejected and replaced ultimately

2) 彻底真心的悔改。
Thorough and sincere repentance.

A) 犯了严重的大罪。撒母耳記下 2Sam 12:9-10
Committed grave and serious sin.

B) 没找理由或藉口。12:13-17
Did not look for reason or excuse.

C) 承认是自己犯罪。诗篇 Psalm 51:3-4
Admitted own self sinned and to be blamed.

D) 最终被赦免续用。
Forgiven and continued to be used ultimately.


我们真的是要认认真真求主怜悯,怜悯我们我们的粗心,不认真,时刻要被修理,常常求主保守我們的心。如同经上记载的 诗篇 51 ,求主为我造清洁的心。

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