如果你只剩3個小時,你想做什麼?讓我們帶你找回遺忘的理想What if, you have only 3 hours left, what will you do? Let's discover the dream that was…

Posted by The Scope on Thursday, April 7, 2016

Posted by The Scope on Thursday, April 7, 2016

What if, you have only 3 hours left, what will you do? Let’s discover the dream that was forgotten.
製作 Produced by The Scope
故事原著 Story by 黑色水母啊啊啊! Black JellyFish
導演 Director : 蔡高凯 Chai Koh Khai
監製人 Producer : 鄭少祺 Leslie Tnay
副導演 Assistant Director : 余镇城 Damien Eu
攝影總監 Director of Photography : 藍浩倫 Dennis Lam
美術指導 Art Director : 刘俐依 Lydia Lau
音效師 Sound Designer : 苏亦迎 Jessie KaulitzTrümper
助理 Assistant :黄正雯 Bong Chin Woon
剪辑师 Editor : 蔡高凯 Chai Koh Khai
特效師 Visual Effects Artist:Franky anak Christopher Leechen
音樂製作人 Music Producer : 陳秋義 Jolynn J Chin
幕後花絮攝影師 Behind The Scene Videographer :刘俐依 Lydia Lau
演員 Casts
阿达 Doug- 吴恒晨 Samuel Ngu
阿林 Ling -萧豪俊 Jonathan Siaw Churn
成美 May -田欣恵 GC Xinhui
金福 Jing Foo -洪祥铭 AS Ming
黄铭 Wong Ming -郑李元孝 Winson Lee
阿光 Ah Kong -李伟良 Wei Liang Lee
珍妮 Jenny -甘凯婷 Catherine Kan
君杰 Jun Kiet -罗家宇 Fish Yee Loh
阿娜 Anna-蔡佳倪 Jia Ni
主题曲 Theme Song
詞曲: Asher Rambo Chai
演唱: SLaP!
特別感謝 Special Thanks to :
李志鹏 Lee Chee Beng
古晋中华第三中学 校长
Principal of Chung Hua Middle School No3

Watch Video At : https://www.facebook.com/thescopeco/videos/1018027871621522

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    Thats like asking why people shouldn’t wear wife beaters out and about

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