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talking about kuching entertaiment REALLY Sxxx! you know why? because no one bulletin want to expose the kuching life. u know why ? because no reader want to talk about kuching life . u know why? beause kuching din’t have any excitement. u know why? because no one can do thing excite them(the reader). u know why? because what the reader want to see is really funny thing. u know why? because only the funny thing can excite them. u know why? because the reader always thought moon at other country is bigger then malaysia (oh… if like that eh, the moon at indonesia might bigger then malaysia loh, rite?) this is what local people talk about their own country. u know why? because they are boring to see a person or an artist that they have always seen in local,(if one day jay chow is live at kuching and you are facing to him every day) what is your thinking ::::: you must thought – (mah c jit leh lang nia, mah c e pang sai) hockian… rite? yah, i know some of a bit of and not much of the people would say: kuching entertainment or product can not survive one lah, forget your dream lah, u are dreaming lah, face to the market lah, u will find how hard it is, and imporsible you can do one lah, u siao one lah…. let me tell you : no dreaming no airplane, no dreaming no lighting, no dreaming no handphone, no dreaming no car, no dreaming no ship, no dreaming no local band (slap! & dream machine), no dreaming no singer, no dreaming no internet, no dreaming no thelife.com.my , rite? webmaster (are you seeing this)? so all the thing that has made out is all start from DREAMING… you can make it if you think you can make it, but remember ONE, not just simply dreaming, you also need to lead your brand, your head, your heart, your hand, your leg, your money, your environment to achive your goals or dreaming, k? and think! WHERE YOU ARE LIVING…… IS >>> KUCHING! REMEMBER ! SO! kuching people ah…. please, please support local entertainment, support local product, support local music, support local business, support local dance club, support local pub, support local food, support local website : thelife.com.my …. we must work together, u know why kuching? because once the dreaming has achieve, we will automaticlly SHARE with each other, and a single human can’t live without a group of human. and last, we will feel more proud then the other country IF we work together. kuching peolple don’t simply talk talk talk only. DO IT! FINISHEd!


i’m not hot, so how to cool down, we just sharing…… i know a few of artsist in sarawak, like ling yu chong, zhang dong liang, chai ai chen. But they are not expose from malaysia/kuching people here. it is explore by Taiwan people… and you think …think…just think… if they are start at kuching/ malaysia, are they become the singer in your eyes? think and think again…. how about local singer like lenny chow, johnson, wilson, micheal tay, boon si ting, liu wei pin, a jun, liu shi feng, allan chai, band like slap!, dream machine, evenstarr, funny rabbit, ‘si ju feng’, writer like sim ru kang, film director like bjarn wong, and so much more, are you support them, just like slap!, dream machine, sim ru kang, evenstarr has come out their product ready, are you buy their thing to support them? i understand no one is perfect, maybe you can’t find their product, because they are doing very low bugget in marketing, but atleast give them a support, go and see their show while the news come out on newspaper, or on the net…. oh ya tell you, i’m not anti of other country, i just want to support local industry nia. are you the one support? thank you for sharing …

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