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slap!-理想(专辑) 2nd demo/ep

20060721-slap! 2nd demoep – slap!2demoep

this is my own band. i like my band, i threat my band like my 2nd family, and it is my real 2nd family. i have a very ‘ok’ relationship in this band. i create atmosphere to my band member while we practise. i feel proud that i can have my 2nd demo/ep on the july, 2005. and i hope all of the local people can support local music industry, and i hope one day that we can have our own local entertainment for all of the malaysian… but maybe this dream is too far for us, but i believe it will success on the future day. this is the song in the ep-

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01- 再爱我吧!
02- 理想
03- 就算了吧!
04- 最后才懂
05- 心情
06- 如果你狠我
07- 管你
08- the demon inside
09- 曾经如此失落
10- 心甘情愿
11- 爱了不能爱

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we do this ep by our own composing, recording, designing, printing, publishing and marketing. it is hard to do a ep like to have a mini company…. hahaha, funny some time cos that we promote our own ep. but i still feel proud that i can make it cos this is what my ‘hope’ since i was 12 years old (the time i started serious to my music life)…
请大家多多支持本地音乐. 今天的你未必是明天的你. 所以明天的快乐也未必是昨天的喜悦.
slap! 乐团 :
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希望得到你们的支持… thanks —-
ps*- 如不能下载, please please 告诉我那一首歌— 谢谢….

By rambochai

我的ANGMO不是说好.我的中文'麻麻底'. 我喜欢叫我自己"大小孩"因为我不希望我大了后,很"乱". 最好就是回到小孩子们的那种单纯...
我是个热爱音乐的人, 音乐对我来说就是我的生命... 如果我耳聋了, 也许生命在也无意义... 为了音乐而生存吗? 也许那又只是我人生里的一个过程, 未来将会如何? 也许没有人能给我真正的答案. 因为每个人都有每个人的特点. 但是我想信我活在这世界上, 也许就是因为你在看着,读着我的部落... 我不是全职的部落作家, 但是我很期待未来不同的生活方式... 这就是我人生的一小旅途...

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